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What is an X-ray

A common type of medical imaging that produces images of the structures inside your body as X-ray beams penetrates through it. It is often used to examine different parts of the body such as chest, limbs, bone and abdomen for injuries, infection or abnormalities.

Dense materials, such as bone and metal, will appear as white on X-rays while Soft materials such as fat and muscle will show up as darker images on the film.

What to bring?

  • Doctor’s referral form
  • NRIC/Work Permit/Passport
  • All prior x-ray films
X-Ray Preparation

  • No special preparation needed for X-ray.


What to bring?

  • Any referral form,
  • NRIC/Work Permit/Passport
  • All prior ultrasound films and reports

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound imaging (sonography) make use of high-frequency sound waves to get real-time images of structures inside the body. It can also show movement of the body's internal organs and the blood flowing through the blood vessels. It is used to examine various conditions such as pregnancy, liver, thyroid, bladder and many more. Ultrasound imaging is safe as there is no exposure to ionizing radiation. During the examination, a transducer is placed on the skin or inside your body. A layer of gel will be applied on the area to be examined so that a clearer image could be obtained.

Ultrasound Preparation Preparation

  • For ultrasound of liver, pancreas and gallbladder, 6 hrs fasting is needed.
  • For Pelvis scan, you need to drink 3 glasses of water and do not empty the bladder until the scan is over.


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